43 years ago: Maradona makes his debut

43 years ago: Maradona makes his debut

The year is 1976.

Date: October 20.

At La Paternal stadium in the barrio district of Buenos Aires 15 years old football prodigy made his first professional debut for Argentinos Juniors.

The name Diego Armando Maradona.

He finally got his moment to shine.


He was in the club since he was eight years old, when he came to Argentinos Juniors for trials. For years, this boy was surprising his coaches with his skills. Interesting fact; when the coaches first saw what he could do with the ball, they asked little Diego to give them his identification card; they simply couldn't believe that the boy was really that young (in reality, he was small for his age). Once it became clear that the boy wasn't lying, the coaches decided to devote themselves to improving his skills, and for years he waited for his chance to play for the team.


Before October 20th, 1976, when he finally got the chance to play a match for the senior team, Maradona was in the spotlight when Argeninos Juniors played, he would perform tricks with the ball at halftime. The reputation grow and he would be guesting a televison show doing tricks with both the ball and an orange.

On October 20, 1976, Diego was finally sprung from the bench at half-time to replace teammate Giacobetti but he was unable to salvage a draw, his team lost 1-0 to Talleres.

Nonetheless, on that day, Diego became the youngest player ever in the Primera, and he spent next five years at the Argentinos Juniors, scoring 116 goals in 166 appearances, before leaving to Europe and becoming an icon.

Take a look at this footage and keep an eye out for a fleeting glimpse of a talented young player wearing the number 16 red and white diagonal shirt.

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