Funny Wikipedia Edits

Just after the House voted to impeach US President Donald Trump, someone went to Wikipedia and updated „Home alone 2“ page to say „On December 18th, Donald Trump became the first cast member from „Home alone 2“ to be  impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives.

„I mean, it’s not untrue.. (Vandalism with sources is the best Vandalism)“ wrote one Reddit user next to a screenshot of this act of vandalism.


Marsha Blackburn

This is just one example of Wikipedia vandalism. Thanks to bots and Wikipedia editors, vandalism doesn’t last long, but it’s still an effective way to troll.

In 2020 someone vandalized Sen. Marsha Blackburn page after she was seen reading a book and tweeting during impeachment arguments.

Aaron Carter

Erstwhile 90s pop singer Aaron Carter has made an enemy of the online art community after he unapologetically used an artist’s work without permission to sell his new line of hoodies. It didn’t take long before someone vandalised his Wikipedia page. “Aaron Carter The Thieving Scuzzball” was the headline to his page.


Apparently really upset with TMZ’s reporting on death of Kobe Bryant, someone edited TMZ’s Wikipedia page to say: „TMZ has reportedly never heard of the word „ethics“. This edit was made amid backlash to the tabloid news website for publishing the story about Bryant’s death before authorities had notified family members of the victims.


The neutral and serious “Wikipedia-tone” quickly becomes funny thanks to Internet trolls. Groundhog Gus “second most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania” found himself at the receiving end of vandals when someone edited his Wikipedia page to say; „Gus contracted rabies in 2016 after hitting 5k on a scratch off ticket and having unprotected sex with an “unclean” lady squirrel of the night.“

Martin Shkreli

Funny Wikipedia edit about Martin Shkreli, often described as “the most hated man in America“ was also screenshotted before removal.

Wendy Williams Hunter

Someone who looks at Wendy Williams Hunter with distaste edited her page to say she was the Morlock from „The Time Machine“ movie.


One underage absolute madlad bragged on Twitter after updating A.J. Preller’s Wikipedia page.

Kelly gang

Wikipedia entry for the“ True History of the Kelly Gang“ a 2019 British-Australian biographical western film caused a few chuckles before being removed.

Honorable mentions

Victoria Pedretti’s and Megan Rapinoe ‘s pages was also vandalized, but this time trolls were sympathetic towards them. This cannot be said about vandals who edited Coy Parkey’s, Frida Kahlo’s and Pastor Troy’s Wikipedia pages.    


As seen in a screenshot below,  Wikipedia can also be used for promoting your business.