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‪Weird Coronavirus Search Trends: „How to Internet“ and „5g near me“

One of the new „things“ in 2020 is watching „coronavirus porn“, basically watching people fucking while wearing hazmat suits.

This is one of those aspects of human behavior I find perplexing.

I just don’t get it.

But the fact is that there are people out there who are beating their meat on the sight of two or more figures wearing hazmat suits dryhumping.

If you don’t believe me, just look at Google trends.

Parallel with the spreading of coronavirus, search interest for „coronavirus porn“ grew in United States.

This is just one of weird search trends that appeared in the pandemic times.

While some are „googling“ for their sexual fetishes and kinks there are those who are trying to figure out „how to Internet“.

Not only that „how to Internet“ is still a thing in 2020, search interest for this term rapidly grew since February.

Another weird trend is „how to play games“.

On the other hand there are those who are „googling“ for „5g near me“. Those are probably the same people who are sharing Facebook „Wake up sheeple“ posts.

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